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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

I’m linking this whole story (it’s an Associated Press story, they don’t much like folks copying their stuff).

If you read it, you will discover:

1.  A federal judge declared the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy to be unconstitutional, and ordered the military to stop enforcing it.

2.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is looking at that ruling.

3.  The Obama Administration today urged the Supreme Court to KEEP the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy until a federal appeals court can consider this issue.

4.  At the same time the Obama administration is asking its lawyers to defend Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell until the federal appeals court can look at the issue, President Obama has pledged to push the Senate to repeal the policy before a new Congress is sworn in.

I am very confused.  Can anybody shed any light on this situation?

As for the actual policy itself – I’ve read recently that enlisted military don’t particularly want this thing, so I think it should be gone. What do you think?