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House Rules

Please read our “About” Page.

Welcome to Chatham Breezes! We are very excited to have our dear old friends and we look forward to making new ones!

“The Rules” are simple really, just plain old common sense:

Comments are open and unmoderated.

We encourage a vigorous debate! Have fun!

Be polite. Be respectful. Be honest. Be fair.

Please refrain from allowing your passion to lead to posting unfortunate statements – please be aware of what you post and also be aware of how others will see what you post.

YOU WILL REFRAIN from using extreme vulgarity in any of your comments. That is unappealing to everyone. We are not referring to your run-of-the-mill curse or risque joke, we are all adults, but you DO know exactly what we ARE referring to!

We have no interest in ganging up on or “bashing” anyone. Save it for the political debates, the politicians deserve all we can dish out!

There will be zero tolerance for the posting of any type of threat/advocating of violence.

There will be zero tolerance for posting mean-spirited, demeaning and/or spiteful diatribes against any other blog site or person.

Actual threats of physical violence towards ANY person will be reported immediately to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Posts that contain phone numbers, street addresses, email addresses or other personal information will be removed or modified to exclude such information. Please use private e-mail to convey that information if you need to do so.

The administrators reserve the right to remove any comment we deem offensive, and we will!
Life is simple… folks,
Attitude is Everything!


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