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Let’s Get the Ball Rolling!

And here you go, your first real post at the blog.  It may be a little controversial, but hey – that’s what we’re here for.

I happen to like David Frum a lot.  He’s a conservative, and he’s sane, rational and logical.   Lots of folks call him a RINO.   Lots of folks will think I’m a RINO.   So be it.

I am not a big fan of the Tea Party movement.   For those who may not realize it, the first “Tea Parties” were a Ron Paul idea, and they started there.   After Obama’s election, others joined in.

Most of the folks attending the Tea Party functions are regular, normal folks like you, like me.  But some of the Tea Party functions have had what I consider some over-the-top rhetoric, and honestly, there has been what I see as a racist bent in some of the events.

I’ll also come out right now and admit I was a HUGE Palin fan for quite awhile; then she quit her Governor’s job (disappointment! I didn’t think of her as a quitter), and then she started talking and honestly, she sounded a bit garbled.

OK, so where is this leading?  It’s leading up to a link to an article by David Frum, the Tea-Party Backlash, where David Frum argues that although Republicans made gains yesterday, the tea-party radical insurgents lost some easily winnable seats, giving the Republican Party moderates an opportunity to begin to lead again.   I hope he’s right.




4 Responses

  1. Open and ready for business!

  2. Hmmm. Well, as I see it, the tea party is really misunderstood at the root of it. Are there crazies? Sure are. They are everywhere, always have been.
    My take on the tea party is as follows; There is no political party, just ideals. The “tea partiers” are our neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. They are people who simply believe certain things. That the USA has certain things that make us the USA, and they want to hold those lines. Government is way too big, much larger than it was ever meant to be, and as it grows, so do our problems. As it grows, so shrink our freedoms and our bottom lines. The majority of Americans want to put a stop to that. We want people to represent us, not become our keepers the moment they are elected.

    The idea of the Tea Party is not a bad thing. It is about time the people stood up and made a statement. A definitive one.
    The very people that the media, the left and politicians are calling crazy, are the very people who are sick of what is going on. They are the folks whose vote is needed by those who call us insane, evil, racist…etc.

    The Tea Party is a new idea. The rough sketch rarely resembles the finished product. Hopefully, more quality folks who hold the old fashioned American ideals and values will start to run for office.
    Hopefully, we can do away with political family dynasties, too many of these people believe they are ENTITLED to those seats. That needs to change.
    The American citizenry has been very complacent and lazy about keeping an eye on government for a long time now. We have every right to demand changes, and we have every right to make it happen. No American who takes a stand against what our government has pulled in the last 2 years especially, but really much longer all in all should be called names and demeaned because the other side is terrified that if we do, and people start to listen, as they have, we will leave the left powerless, as they should be if they continue down the road they are on now.

  3. Hmm – I would be careful of supporting David Frum. He has a lot of baggage in his past that I fully intend to expose soon at my site. Do not be surprised when you learn he’s not the rational guy he’s led everyone to believe he is.

    That being said – I don’t agree with a lot of the backlash he’s been given, but I still wouldn’t defend the guy. Just giving you a heads-up. Beware of this guy.

  4. drae, I’ll keep a eye out, then! I’ve subscribed so I get a notice when something new is posted.

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